Finding Nemesis.

I’m really curious why I’ve been persistently pms-y these days, it’s like it never ends. Some hormonal imbalance gone wrong, that’s two times as bad.

And this week I haven’t been training much; Laoshi seems pretty disappointed in me cuz my reasons sound like excuses. Gee, I can’t help it that I fall sick so often, and that my Grandma’s birthday dinner is more important than half an hour of training.

I got really frustrated cuz my desk is in a complete mess and I’m in no mood to clear anything up right now because I’d need to clear my fuzzy and fizzed, whacked-up brain first. Friends, if I see you in sch/anywhere else and I don’t look very excited or interested to say hi, pls understand that I’m just not in the best of mood.

I’m crossing my fingers that the coming week will be as productive as it can get, and first and foremost RECOVER from this deep dark drama of my life.

Thx Ethel for the encouragement ❤


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