5 days

Was out practically the whole day today, not a very good thing ): though my mum’s been on leave so spent more time with her which is a good thing (:

Had integration crash course in the morning at amk! Ben went too, haha and Bailu! Ugh my iPhone’s iPod  started ringing in the middle of class it was so embarrassing. Best I didn’t even realize it was mine till like 30 secs later.

Then went to have turtle  soup @ macpherson with the ‘rents and gma (: slurrrppz so good (Y)

Dropped by  to pick up some stuff (particularly math worksheets) before heading to vivo; dad had to change our set top cuz it screwed up and he can’t watch soccer upstairs. We went to the washroom and left, after walking for a while my mum realized she left her wallet in the washroom  we returned an it couldn’t be found already ): HALLO WHOEVER YOU ARE PLS RETURN THE STUFF ): we ended up walking to all the banks in vivo to terminate her cards, thank God the banks were all situated nearby. After the whole hullabaloo, we went to Keppel and I did math in the reading room.

On the way back. It’s gonna be more math later; tuition at night. Hope I can take it. Jyjy 

P/s my emojis so cute right!


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