Day 3

Chem is over, but idk how i’m gonna start cramming for bio :< very tired now, not exactly mentally but physically very exhausted. Must've been the 1am stint I pulled off just this morning. I just haven't been sleeping late enough to not feel like I've lost the life of me.

And this morning was really warm cause today's sun is different 😉 haha Em: inside joke. And they took exceptionally long to collect the papers.. lousy :/ and the nuisance of head invigilator kept asking us to shut up and she went like 'wth is wrong with you guys!!!' (smile). Ooh can feel the sarcasm oozing out alr.

Chem was honestly not as bad as I had expected. I didn't die that much of a horrible death but still, I skipped an entire 6 marks worth of ionic eqm that I couldve done if i'd studied the part better 😦 too late for regrets 'nyways. And I left out the cpds for elucidation as well so tried to make up for it by explaining some shit and speeeedwriting with my new favourite uni jetstream yay. The only consolation I got out of the entire two hours was that I finished my mcq 😀 without having to tikam, or rather, i tikamed based on logic. Sia lah mcq elimination pro (Y). Really think it's useful to get done with sections b/c first then mcq. Shall get used to it before the big A's.

Looking forward to tmr, 过了第一关!!! That also means season is here :O! Good luck to polo and soccer people playing today!

Last few to chiong = ICS
+ Mendelian genetics
+ org of pro/eukaryotic genome
+ cancer

Omg that's a lot of content shit better zao now, looks a lot worse than chem. Bis Morgen!

P/s HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY CLARE AHMANDAH SEAL LOO (shucks I forgot what other names I bestowed you with)


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