I’m feeling v tired today, and rly pms-y. Moodswings on top of being extra tired for no reason are just..idk. Some things were making me especially upset too; things were fun before but now they’re just too much. Maybe people were destined to live within their own enclaves? Moving out of your zone could spell an eternity of misery. Non another note, chemistry is the ultimate screw up of the day.

Maybe I just need a timeout from the busy life I’m struggling to cope with right now. Things are going too fast. While I’m typing this out on the train I’m about to nod off.

I was so wrong about something. It couldve been better if I didn’t pin such high hopes on it. I think the one week break made me realise something too. I like how this change in attitude comes so suddenly but subtly. It’s so fulfilling to finally understand for yourself why something is not gonna work out albeit the momentary pain one has to endure.

It’s gonna be momentary; I’ve just gotta hang in (: things’ll be fine. I’m rly inspired by sylvia; she’s an awesome girl.


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