Aint nothing like the real thing

Ahh deflated ego.

Understanding myself is such a fruitful process yet undeniably painful. I know I can’t take it when I’m humbled by other people, especially when you know they don’t mean to hurt you and try to do it nicely. I tend to get superly disappointed with myself and as much as I hate to admit it, I get upset with them too. I quietly have too much pride within me. If there’s anybody to humble me, it has got to be me.

And this is what makes it so hard for me to change and guide myself back to the right track. It’s so hard to acknowledge my mistakes when people point them out to me and I am to change right under their noses. I feel uncomfortable up to the point that I’m changing for the sake of others. Of course it’s worse when they tell you to change for the sake of yourself and it has got nothing to do with them. Well let’s get down plainly to the point: I can’t accept myself. Sigh, look at the entire detour I made to justify myself.

Let’s just say, learning to accept oneself is a biggg part of life. If you hate yourself, you’re srsly wasting your life away. Just give your life to somebody out there fighting for one.


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