If not today, then tomorrow.

Today feels like a bad day. No particular reason..or maybe a combination of too many reasons; makes me not want to think about them.

I ask myself stupid questions everyday, knowing that I’ll never get an answer. Why do people like that exist? Why do people think like this? Why do they live their lives like this? Obviously I’m of no authority to demand an answer or to criticize them because in the first place I’m full of flaws too ):

Fortunately, flaws make people human. It’s just so tough to live through all these flaws, to commit mistakes and say you regret, to appreciate only when you’ve lost. All the things we commonly err in.

I do ask about the beautiful things too; how did I get such a fortunate life, how did I make such awesome friends, how I’ve survived to an age some others might not even have.

Sigh. The video on terrorism Mrs Teo showed us tdy was so heart-wrenching ):

Okay its that time of the year. My life got stuck in mud again. I need to remind myself that there are torpedoes waiting out there for me in the coming months.

RJTT: awesome job till now! Hang in there, we’re halfway to defending our glorious title of team champion. C’monnnn.

Will struggle to keep awake to do my integration app to not screw up my math. Speaking of which MATH RESULTS ARE OUT TMR. Oh dear ):


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