Tornado potato!

Omg guilt trip guilt trip. Impulse buys and extravagant spending. This has got to stop.

The very least I can do now is to look at the thing, whatever it is, and remind myself of the consequences of running out of munny. Cmonnnn.

But it felt awesome (: just hope it won’t become a habit. A distasteful one at that.

Juniors/fai+jialei playing indvs tdy: all the best!!! Spam the tops (;

I will work hard today, promised. Ignore all previous empty promises ever made, this time it’s real!! I realized though, I’ve been doing ever more work this year and I don’t ever copy homework anymore or waste lectures chionging other work. Although I tend to get sleepy and let my concentration falter when there are consecutive lectures to attend. Very literally, I feel myself writing a lot more words (: it’s a good sign. After season, my next favourite activity will be to to go home and mug.



2 thoughts on “Tornado potato!

  1. DEEE!!! HAHAHA I JUST REALIZE YOU USE WORDPRESS TOO! HAHAH. i use it last time but am using lj now. (: it’s cuter. but i miss wp like crazy! i miss it’s simplicity and elegance. hahaha. (: yay love you too! 1 more week to end of seasons. jiayou! (: DOUBLE CHAMPS! (:

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