When madness takes over

Haven’t been updating as frequently, Been scuttling all over the place and as such waste a significant amount of time travelling, having meals and fiddling about. Of course I did study but I don’t really know how productive I got. And GUESS WHO I SAW AT TTSH YESTERDAYYYY! Erica Ang omg hahaha fate brings us together even under the most difficult circumstances. Her brother is in TTSH undergoing surgery while my ahma is still under observation for any complications from her condition. The nurses told my maid that she and this other old lady in the same room keeps shouting at night, who knows they might be arguing, no wonder the rest of the patients look so listless and deprived of sleep in the day. And then when I go visit my ahma keeps complaining that the other lady makes noises at night. So cute. I’m relieved she’s in high spirits even after a few days stuck in the hospital but she’s been spouting nonsense excessively and more nonsensical than usual, the fit must’ve screwed up her senses. ):

Went for two of the math crash courses. Really do hope they help :/ I’m not left with much time and the exciting matches insist on coming now ): in the evenings we congregate on fb to talk about the matches and end up with a 50 long comment thread, I tell you this kind of madness induces more desire to watch every match and is likely to last you through the final match and more. My case in point is a recent case of immense obsession which was derived from the very first stages of the worldcup – estherbao, who’d never really watched soccer in her life till this day. Look how FIFA changed her life lol.

My point is (after that long discourse in soccer) that we need to STUDY.

But can’t help it when Germany logs four goals in a game and is looking optimistic or when England hasn’t played their real game..or when everybody on the news feed are rambling about blistering own goals, narrow saves or pole deflections (not to forget hot guys).

Sigh. Cambridge should postpone A’s in lieu of worldcup.

(okay yknow I’m kidding right)


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