There’s a glow off the pavement

Toy story 3 yesterday was wonderful wonderful ~ free popcorn pack and a can of cola for each seat what more can I ask for (: it’s a really heartwarming film, not too cheesy with just the right dash of humour. I’d recommend it,.. highly.

Hmm ‘ve been getting strange bites on my legs, wonder where those came from. O.o

Worldcup favourites’ standards have been plummeting like nobody’s business. They’d have to rely on this bit of luck and group stage manipulation. Well if not for Australia’s draw with Ghana it couldve been real tough for Germany to get back on a decent track. They’ll really have to fight it out on the next match without klose and ballack ): I think we’ve all turned to blackhorses to get things back to business for the supposed Europe giants, it’s like almost becoming their fans. USA’s performance totally outshone England for that matter I never thought I could’ve been that hyped up about their goals. Let’s hope the knockout rounds could do less with all the surprises and cmon guys show us some real soccer.

Okay and I really need to get down with the remaining of my todo list which is like to infinity. Because whatever I studied seems to have returned back to the notes and the cycle is neverending ): hope I can pull through, two more weeks and this is over, temporarily, so that I can take a break mentally.

Deutschland, verbessern sich bitte!!~


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