Day two

This thing about being possessive and possession, sigh. Can’t help it sometimes.

Math was, average, a little on the verge of bad…but nvm. The marks are sneakily manipulated to make you feel as if you manage to overcome a lot of things in the beginning but actually, you left more marks out then you thought. Sux. Hope it turns out okay, I’m not even wishing it’ll be good anymore. Bio tmr and I’m unprepared as ever. You can never feel prepared with bio. The summation of content is like a convergent series that makes up the sum to infinity IT’S NEVERENDING. Like I said, whatever I had studied in the very beginning must have been left behind with the passing of time. Bleh.

Chem would make me feel the suckiest because it’s a if-and-could-have situation. Like if I had studied more it could have been better. I’m just waiting to quickly overcome this worst barrier of the week and drop onto my couch with ultimate relief, and catch the match on Saturday :> wir koennen es machen, Deutschland!



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