Day four

Liberation for all. This afternoon our resident facebookers were actively posting words that that came with bundles of joy but I could hardly relate to it. I just feel really tired, happy but not the overwhelming kind. Must be the fatigue.

But today’d been fun (: had a good wholesome lunch at powsing and they all came over to my place to have huijun’s piano recital and a crazy guitar hero session yayness.

Am waiting for the train to changi airport at tanah merah currently it’s taking AGES to come ugh. Gonna receive my dad who is returning from the land of the rising sun and have a good dinner hmm (:

Some strange guy is blasting when you’re gone on the train.

Jetzt bin ich sehr muede, und habe nichts zu sagen. Ich hatte ueber etwas viel gedacht und es ist NICHT GUT ): muss es schneller vergessen, ja.


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