Germany’s performance has probably been her greatest birthday present yet. THIS BLOGPOST IS DEDICATED TO YOU (the blog version of your birthday wish wonder if you’ll read it though) THANKS FOR ROUGHING THINGS OUT WITH ME SINCE PRIMARY TWO OMGOSH DO YOU REMEMBER SHOEBOX DOLLHOUSES! AND THE PAST FEW YEARS HAD BEEN A TESTIMONY TO OUR LONG FRIENDSHIP, LET’S MAKE SURE OUR KIDS ALL KNOW EACH OTHER AND WE WILL GROW OLD TOGETHER, RETIRE TOGETHER AND GOING FOR HIGHTEAS IN OUR PRETTY WEDGES (that is applicable only if rheumatism hasn’t set in) BFF, forever and always ❤

Just got back from an impromptu study (&crapping) session from huijun's place. So many lame puns I don't think I can walk anymore -.- cuz Emily and I were debating where to go for lunch and ended up at huijun's place for fried rice 😀 Huijun and her happening maid who could speak more Chinese than English kept stuffing us with food, how welcoming~ then we tried to do chem and I think I failed miserably :/ on the way home now, going to try to complete my group II tutorial at a comfortable pace then maybe catch up on bio… Gonna have to prep myself up for the unnerving pace of work that is going to ensue.

But on a brighter note we're gonna make bottle gardens during bio prac periods!!! *Squeals. I have never experienced such excitement prior to bio pracs before, never. I must find a nice little plant, some green moss and an intricate little seashell out of the collection we retrieved from the pristine shores of tioman. Emily says she's gonna paste stickers on her jar -.- and not to forget her 小强! I had this sneaky idea to plant a pesky lizard into aera's garden. Okay shall not be mean, I wouldn't even have the guts to anyway..

Yesterday I woke up at 12nn and had yongtaufoo, shiok. Then I spent the whole afternoon playing the guitar, the viva la vida chords are awesome, and best day by Taylor swift, 'the sky is gold' ah such a picturesque scene set by the beautifully written lyrics, Taylor has a knack of making songs that you could relate to, in a real, yet refreshing way. Makes life more inspiring ^^ then at night was lebbu's farewell party. Everyone's leaving ): just like how Amy is in Wellington now (Wellington, right?) and now lebbu's going to UQ. But so glad to be able to meet up with the seniors and superseniors again (^^ inside joke) Xinrong Joanne Xinjin Flo Yushi and the rest MEICHI MY ZGR TRG PART, CHEONG YEEYIN, KAKA who wore her soccer boots to the party -.- Anthia couldn't make it and Sinhong had a ear infection gosh get well soon honghong!!

Well on Saturday I met up with the rjtt kids, ugh none of the j2s turned up 'cept for me and Tiantian. All MIA already. Brought them brownies and Jarrod was so excited lol i was so amazed he really liked it. (let me tell you a secret, the best part of the brownie…is licking the leftover batter off the pan heehee) Had Kenny Rogers over at marina sq (ate till i was bloated and chloe dapao-ed her wrap and brought it home to eat while watching the fateful match between germany and argentina hahahahah) and went to this particular arcade game that Ruimin was so excited about and Jinpeng ttly went crazy; the rest played pool. Then wen window-shopping with Sylvia, Lin and Chloe. Yay happyness.

At home, Germany v Argentina was the bomb, better than I could ever ask for. Argentina fell out of the world cup rat race, exhausted and helpless under the grueling speed of the young Germans. Unsere glueckszahl ist VIER. Such an interesting season it's been and it's gonna be ever more interesting as it leads up to the final matches. Wunderbar 😀

Friday had been a super productive day of shopping with Claire at 313. More of those please (:

Ok ich werde meine gitarre wieder spielen. Tschuess bis morgen!


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