Today was a fairytale~

Wow I had so much I wanted to say but ended up forgetting all of it even before I posted, ah this makes me upset ): so many good things I wanna share with die Welt 😉

Mrs Chua returned our chem papers and I’m just glad i didn’t get any lower but I’d have a lot to explain to my mum…spaeter :/ sigh. That’s the only thing that bothered me or else my day would’ve gone by without much of a hitch. Ate bishan cooked food today, finally, it’s like who knows when since I’ve gone to that stall. Horfun with green chili was goooood :d then we had bottle garden making, supposedly for bio prac but then we didn’t have school on mon (which is bio prac day) so yeah we had an optional session tdy. Yay ich liebe meine flasche garten! I tried making it look like a zen garden but failed miserably, but still looks nice anyhows (: digging up weeds and mosses in the middle of nowhere makes people stare at you with curiosity and amusement but it’s interesting hahaha. I didn’t know you could dig up moss in carpetgrass-like patches, and that the moss spawning at the bougainvillea outside the labs were much prettier than the wild moss downstairs lol. If only we had more of these, bio would become more fun than it already is 😀

Today there was loads of talk about Paul the famous octopus. Yeah sure I thought it’d been funny for a while but I’m kinda sick of hearing people ramble on about it. Hello? Octopuses don’t determine how your worldcup go? Maybe the mussel in the Spain jar happened to be fresher that’s all, like octi prefers to eat fresher mussels! Somebody must have sabotaged the system!!! (I got enlightened after talking to Xinjia on the way home)

We played ultimate ball whatever was that idk I just knew I slipped and got myself ridden with dirt and grass it was plain itchy, and I wasn’t paying attention when Joelle threw me the ball so it hit my face :/ ah nvm embarrassing things happen but I shall live with it. That’s what makes part of life interesting isn’t it!

Gonna stay up today to watch lieblings Deutschland challenge powerhouse Spain. Needless to say I hope Deutschland kann siegen aber…even if they don’t I’d respect them all the same, for making it this far and for making millions and billions of people out there in the world so proud of them for their incredible play and willpower, yeah sehr stolz (; may the best team win!

I shall have dinner, do a bit more complex numbers and then sleep at 2030.

Aufwiedersehen welt! Bis morgen!


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