They came and they conquered what was thought to be impossible

Ah heartbreaking heartshattering morning. Ethel and I are gonna spent this day of lectures feeling sad for unser Deutschland ): after all that mein schweini knelt to the ground and cupped his face in devastation ):

But then somewhere on the world wide web I read the countless comforting comments of the many Germans on a video of Lahm’s postmatch interview, they were so proud, so proud of their countrymen, comprising mainly promising young men to bring them this far. Lahm himself is in his late twenties and he’s worthy of being the captain. Diese weltmeisterschaft war gut, ich werde nicht mehr klagen :> the pride they have given us throughout this season is more than we can ask for. They’ll be back, better than ever, Brazil 2014.

Deutschland ueber alles! ❤


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