I’ve settled my emotional baggage, my personal part. I’m not sure how the whole thing will work out but I’m beginning to believe the words that cam out of my mouth by accident are starting to make sense and will prove itself worthy. I hadn’t expected such an impactful consequence and it took me awhile to take it in. Maybe I haven’t been influential enough before, and now words from the heart can actually make a world of difference that I myself am too scared to accept. I just hope that we learn out of it, mistakes or not, right or wrong, what should have been and what already is. That is to say, we gotta live with whatever decisions we make. Grateful for the approving words of comfort I received, you know I can’t live without em. (:

Went gymming with Ethel today. This is the start of the great masterplan to shed some weight and keep fit πŸ˜€ I’m so excited hahaha. And avocado shake + milkcurd + crunchy red apple tdy were awesome. I’m starting to love fruitful fruits (;

I shall do away with slacking Fridays and do work. From now, I will not know the meaning of TGIF until exams are over.

Scholarship day tmr and SUTD talk next month!!! Erica and I think SUTD’s the coolest new thing around town. Come on, reading architecture? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ coolshizzums.



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