Workout day 2

I’m currently sitting by the lagoon at keppel, such satisfaction after 10 laps in the pool woohoo I’m on a row. Though I have to take care not to over exert or injure myself or that will be just terrible.

The view here is calming and very much palliative after a series of misunderstandings and failures I’ve had to go through the past week. Hopefully things will get better from here (:

This morning I went with my parents to scholarship day at school, it was good, really informative according to them and I agree. I had been thinking for a bit. It’s quite funny how a childhood dream could turn to reality in mere months, but all that left is a decision to make. And I know the road ahead is gonna be tough and uncertain, things are gonna be taxing, but I will get through it. If people have made it through, I can do too. Needless to say, I still have to find out if I’m suitable for it and that will mean looking for an architectural firm to do some jobshadowing and if possible, intern there. Things will fit in just nicely if I decide to apply for SUTD and get admitted only in 2012. Then I can take a purposeful gap year to do all that stuff. But then again if they don’t accept me I’d have to try other alternatives and I’d prefer to go without the gap year instead. NUS archi takes 4 years though, 5 if I wanna get a masters. So I’ll come out to the real world just about the same time, either way. But I’m thinking if I’d be able to get good enough grades for BCA’s scholarship, the one in conjunction with private firms. That’d be good. Hopefully I wont turn this into a frustrating affair. Because I’d need to get alternatives ready if plan A fails. Decisions, decisions.

But then again, first and foremost I will have to get out of my S-streak and pull myself on to the right track. I’m a little scared :/

“I will survive, just like how I did before” only this time, it’s harder. Cmon~


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