Damn biased. Idk how long I tahan this but I can only suffer this in silence. Whatever I say now won’t help at all, she’ll just forget everything I said everything I did for her and only rmb what the other person does. Whatever i do is wrong and whatever she does is right or better than me. I know good deeds or sincere care or concern warrant no rewards but the only thing I want is some form of acknowledgment. Forget it if she doesn’t acknowledge anything that I do, but at least you don’t have to slam me down in front of somebody else and put her in a good light. I know I have to respect her and all that, that’s why I’m keeping quiet about everything I feel like crap. Why is it always me? Why do I have to be the one to take this?

Ah sorry I’m damn upset now. Why do things just plague me one after another..


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