Do you believe in karma?

UGH I FINALLY LOST IT, like literally lost it.

I felt like killing myself that day but now I just feel heart pain D: Getting a new one to replace it wouldn’t feel the same. Ah but I gotta count my lucky stars my daddy insists on getting me a new one. But then again the responsibility now is two times heavier. I feel so upset with myself and sorry to my parents }:

WHOEVER YOU ARE DAMMIT PLS HAVE SOME KIND OF INTEGRITY AND RETURN IT. Even though it has been a few days and it looks like a lost cause. I really hope that person wouldn’t be able to crack my lock open and access my email facebook and whatever shit that I’m logged into. Shucks how can someone be as stupid as me 😡 and as mean as the person who took it and refuse to return it. I hope the passcode stays unlocked forever and it’ll be a lost cause for whoever you are too. A friggin deadweight loss to society when nobody is able to use it.

I was thinking of filing a report at the electronic police website but then again I think it’s gonna be useless. Hello I lost it in school? We thought at least having lost it in school would warrant a return because people would have some integrity and compassion but then I’m just plain wrong. It just gives me a really bad impression of the people there, knowing very well I don’t fit into such a culture. But of course it’s injustice to say that to people who are nice and all, I’m just so upset that I really took a bamboo pole and hit the whole boat over (if you know what I mean). Well maybe I will file the report after all, hell I’m gonna scare the shit out of the person.

Ugh I have no mood to do anything, although I just completed my last remedial worksheet *proud.

‘d been watching WGM, sweet potato couple has got to be the cutest ever, and when you’ve got jungyonghwa singing I’m a Loner in every episode, :O Seohyun is a total angel, I’m so glad it’s her and nobody else. Sunny or Sooyoung would’ve been a good candidate too if they actually wanna join in the WGM fun. And 富贵门 is overrrr sigh I think the ending was pretty appropriate, so glad small claypot didn’t die and sha fu lai is the most amazing sadist ever it totally made my heart pop out of my mouth. There’s a lot of nonconformist plot lines which I have a love-hate relationship with. What a drama. (Y)



I went swimming today! Did 12 lengths, I shall not overwork. Went gym with Ethel on friday, and stnicks to eat on thursday! Yay. ‘d been doing lots of stuff, eating exercising eating exercising woohoo. (Xiaozhu’s 做得到 is playing nao <3) This food pwns RJ canteen.

Okay I feel so much better. Danke, blog, Ich liebe dich fuer immer. Ich werde manchen Hausaufgaben machen~


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