When you look back;

Shit I’m screwed, should have known better than to drink cold stuff when I’m down with cough. Sigh.

Today I met Jan on the way home, yes, we have sad fridays. And we started talking about how everybody was going home or studying and talked about the things we couldn’t do. Haha ‘m thankful for the company. But then again, idk, I may not be having the best time of my life but at least I’m so much better off than other people, who don’t even have food to eat, have no school to go to. Another blessing into the jar. ^^

GP was okay-ish, Econs was average considering I didn’t exactly finish studying everything. Need to buck up for essay!!! I really dk what to say. I’m just hoping everything will turn out fine :/

Last month was so eventful but I hardly had anytime to write about it. My birthday was just about the best, it almost gets better each year but I don’t know about the next though..Thank you friends, you guys gave me more than I can ever ask for ❤ I’m just wishing time wouldn’t pass too quickly or that we wouldn’t grow up too fast. I don’t even wanna hit my twenties come on. Life’s tough, but generally okay, when you have friends that are like family and family that’s like a host of angels. My sister went to Cambridge and returned home with a hell lot of stuff, a lot of which I can’t eat now cuz of my persistent cough. Can’t say I didn’t miss her presence but I had my space for a while and I had my fun irritating the shit out of her once she got back, yay I’ve got someone to annoy.

(Taylor Swift’s MV’s are cool :D)

I wanna go shopping. I wanna go eat TCC. I wanna go for a holiday. I wanna bake peanut butter cookies and brownies. I want this to be over, quick.


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