Ich bin zuruck.


(You know what that means right)


Jeez, while everybody feels so happy I think about this the moment we got off our last bio paper. Ought to be less pessimistic for a change, I mean like, wow look there’s a two day break I should just let loose and have some fun right! Ugh, no somehow I feel so worried I can’t get it out of my mind for nutz :/

Tomorrow, I have piano at 0830HR in the morning (Y) Thanks; and tuition in the evening. Sigh. Life of an eighteen year old. Okay ikr everybody’s eighteen once in their lifetime, and the stress is unavoidable but the stress is getting to each one of us in different ways. The things we pour our heads over might be different from say..an eighteen year old in Ethiopia (fyi was just reading broadening perspectives @ Trina’s today) Some things we should be grateful for, while some things, let’s just say we are just not fated to enjoy. But anyway I tried to enjoy myself today, nonetheless. Met Claire Trina Nei for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps at AMK hub, pretty solid movie, just not the action kind, if you’re the type that will only tolerate fast-paced exciting thrillers that make you jump out from your seat, this is not fer you. This is an awesomely intelligent movie, well not to say I’m intelligent because I appreciate it..(you could see it that way) but it’s really, erm, new, that they can glamourize wall street and popularize the whole story behind stock markets and trading into a friggin cool movie that stars Shia LaBeouf (however his name is spelt). All the cheemography just kept flowing out from their dialogues I wonder if they have a tough time trying to memorize their scripts. And Mr LaBeouf started trading for realll becuz of this movie and earnin’ big bux now. lolol. Complicated business.

Then, we went down to this dessert place to have…dinner. Cheap but won’t say it’s very deli. Anyway I was full from stuffing myself with random food in the movie theatre. Nei was so amused when Trina and I kept pulling food out to munch on during the movie.

(Gosh I haven’t posted in so long and I’m typing like nobody’s business)

But but but, I wanna go shopping for realllll like srsly, on friday, shopping with Claire was, hardly shopping because of the time constraint. I need to find another day (SOON), wear a comfortable pair of shoes and walk three times up and down Orchard (no I’m kidding) I could honestly make do with places like Square2 or Junction8 whatever. I JUST NEED TO BUY STUFF :O :O :O

My sister’s promo’s start tomorrow, Idk whether I should laugh or cry, cuz for one, it’s my turn to provoke her (and be the nuisance I always am, so mean right) but then again, Alevels are making me bang my head against the wall. The whole thing is so draggy I feel like I’m being dragged along and numbed, or something to that effect, and this sian feeling just makes you NOT wanna study, it’s a terrible experience, it’s not explicitly excruciating but just affects you so subtly. Idk what I’m talking about already, it’s twelve midnight, should be sleeping soon. Sigh. And I’m so tempted to go on a holiday, my mummy&daddy are going to NewYork NEXT MONTH, like hello? I thought New York was a family trip ): Enjoy yourselves, while I slog my guts out. Yes it’s only right I do so, because I have to get my degree in four years time, find a job and support their retirement, D: That’s the responsibility of children. I’m not grumbling. I really need to atone for my splurging.

Okeh, I’ll prolly be baking brownies tmr 😀 Will walk to gardens in the morning (after piano :/) and get groceries from the pathetic makeshift fairprice, either that or the upmarket cold storage (pretty broke now).



2 thoughts on “Ich bin zuruck.

  1. harlow dede!! yay prelims are over!!! (deja vu: i seem to have commented on the same kinda post a year before hahahaha) please rest and relax, don’t worry about doing it cus i believe the aunties are all relaxing away too so you’re not the only one! hehe:P anyway just want to say there’s so many similarities in your post to what i’m thinking, cus its 12 plus now and i’m baking tomorrow too (banana bread!) and i like square 2! hahhaaha ok i’m rambling good night ❤

    • HAHAHA AH BNG!!! Sorry I saw your post only now! Omg banana bread! How was it! Next time bake for me k 😀 AND LET’S GO SQUARE 2 TO SHOP TGT AFTER A’s!!! HAHA ❤

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