Episode 13 of MK was einfach touching!!! I totally didn’t expect that. Must be Baek Seung Jo’s charm, awww and the kiss in the rain haha awesome. It’s time this thing got to a climax, after such long draggy periods of intense crushing by the despot of a girl. Mmhm it’s good to watch things in episodes, literally, instead of chionging the drama at one go hehe thanks to late night dinners and mugging in school everyday (with Auntie Raby) I haven’t been touching the computer much. Yes I have been disconnected from the virtual world for approximately 5 days or so, and that’s saying something ^^

I had a super slack evening. Let’s just take today as a rest day, like Auntie Raby says. And we’ll make up for it tomorrow (: I’m pretty surprised that I can still keep my spirits high, also thanks to Auntie Raby, but most of the time I’ve been making Auntie Raby raugh like mad, I like. I can’t keep replacing my l’s with r’s I’ll just go mad someday, I’ll have speech impairment or something.

Today, was a little strange. Idk I can’t help thinking i’ve got it figured out but then again, I don’t think I have.



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