Oh darling don’t you ever grow up

I’ve been out and about for the last two days, doing things I never would have imagined myself doing, or told myself I’ll never do. Probably because this sudden wave of freedom just spurred me to do all these things, irrational or not, impulsive or not I’ll leave it up to you to decide. But currently I’m just enjoying my way of life (albeit most of them being guilt trips), there’s just so many things about me that changed and made me feel refreshed. Like a new awakening from the monotonous routine I’ve been living, like fireworks just exploded within me..dramaaaa.

But really. I just got my hair cut at this awesome salon at far east just now (claire’s probably still there doing her curls) and they did an awesome job for 35 bucks. Honestly it’s the money most well spent of the day. They did a really thorough wash (according to them my hair was in really bad shape, partly cuz I refused to cut it for months) and blew it for a good 15 minutes with the curling brush. My head feels so light and airy, they totally gave a new life to my lifeless hair. Haha heck the length I love it now 😀

However I have been spending too much money and that includes the faceshop products which brought me all the way to IMM today so that I can catch a glimpse of Kim Hyun Joong!!! He’s so cute I could die. Awh. Unsuspectingly my sd card decides to crash just before it started and I couldn’t use my blingbling new canon powershot to take nice pictures of joongie. I had my trusty iPhone but nuh, the pictures were mediocre. Some mad woman almost killed me by scratching my head so that she can get the autographed poster that neatly fell into my hands, so I just let her have it -.- I don’t know what possessed me to be so charitable at that moment in time..

In the evening dad and I dressed up to go to temasek to catch up with his old friends and we arranged to meet mum there. It was awesome, drinks food and company. The live band was amazing and everybody in that snugly club just seemed to know everybody else. Although I didn’t speak much but just listening to conversations, the lovely songs and watching people dance made me content. The whole thing was pretty new to me, especially the temasek sling lol, but good, t’was good (:

I’ve applied for a job at high achievers! And will be starting training very soon. I’m afraid but pretty excited. And I can finally write off some of my guilt trips.. Tomorrow is a day when I will spend a little more to invest in a nice new blazer when I go shopping with Ethel and her mum/sis. (ps. This post was written over yesterday and this morning, hence the difference in dates). Then in the evening I’ll finally get to meet my g5.10 classmates at Brotzeit!!! Can’t wait zomgs.

Okay I will enjoy the rest of my cool rainy morning lying on my bed listening to Taylor swift. See y’all soon~


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