Yes, wordpress is snowing again. Winter holidays are so wonderful~

I’ve gotta start eating the chocolates in my advent calendar, just that I can’t find it..

The past week has been more than amazing. Despite it being so packed, I had so much fun. It felt like A’s were a month ago already.

Grad night was awesome. We had this pretty ice sculpture at the reception area and people miming or sth (idk what you call that) and great performances, music, food, COMPANY, and lots and lots of pretty photos (: Such that the food was somewhat ignored..It’s so unthinkable. Barely two years ago you stepped into college a freshie and now you’re a full fledged graduate (of junior college that is) donning glamorous gowns and three inch heels, with guys decked in sleek suits and the works. Unbelievable. The aunties bunked overnight at Marina Mandarin, had fun but I decided to sleep a little more so I wouldn’t nod off during product trg later in the day.

Speaking of which, trg has been fun (Y) with all the fun people. And Clarke Quay is a nice place to have your office at, seriuzly. Just that we wouldn’t be working there of course, the job’s on-the-go. I’m quite scared actually, that I’ll forget some things along the way because there’s quite a lot to remember and to handle, esp the DO’s!! They’re one heck of a nuisance. But I can do this!!! Man, ‘m totally moving into a new stage of life~

AND yesterday could finally meet up with RJTT! and we invited Yitong too. After trg I rushed down to Sentosa only to find them nua-ing under the shade telling me they wanna go watch movie :/ Then shexy Fai with her bkn and I went down for a dip, it was really shiok cuz the shore along Siloso gets quite deep once you step in already, plenty of water to sink into without having to swim out too far. The bad thing to note is the number of drowning incidents at Siloso. Parry & JP joined us and we just played for a bit while the lol. Returned to Vivo for dinner and met this strange cleaner at the food centre lol quite funny. Then we decided to watch a movie. And because a few people have already watched a few particular movies, there weren’t many good ones left to watch so we caught The Next Three Days, quite eggciting (Y) I wanna watch Narnia! Prolly gonna watch it with rjtt kids on brownie day~

Hardly did anything this morning except to have piano, play guitar and go on fb. Gonna have turtle soup @ macpherson with my daddy.

SEE Y’ALL. Enjoy life!


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