Happy belated new year!

In Bangkok, christmas wreaths and snowflakes still dangle from the ceilings in the malls, and huge trees still stand in the middle of open grounds, the upclass malls play nice christmas songs even though it’s already the 8/9/10th day of Christmas. In Singapore, as I have witnessed and heard, the loud red banners and your ever favourite chinese new year hits start coming on as early as the 26th, it’s ridiculous.

Anyway, I haven’t been posting for a while, mainly because I was lazy and couldn’t be bothered to get my thoughts organised and penned down. Now that I have the time I decided to do something about it. First of all, it’s 2011, and it still hasn’t sunk in, probably because this is the first time I spent it abroad (I think), it feels strange. But honestly, I don’t think I have ever experienced such an exciting New Year’s Day. The thing is, we got to stay at Royal Orchid Sheraton, right beside the Chao Phraya river and managed to get two rooms on the 11th floor with an amazing view of the river. At night, when the lights come on, buildings and ferries alike, the river looks so pretty 😀 At midnight, the hotels let off fireworks above the river and we went down to the pier to watch them go wildddd~ It was so crowded, and I normally hate crowded places, but the lively cheer and excitement for the new year made me content, it’s good to celebrate with loads of other people! And we had such a good view of everything, unlike in Singapore, I can hardly see anything unless I go to a fireworks show. Okay so we went back to the hotel and the second round of fireworks started so we enjoyed it from the comfort of our room. Photos will be up on fb 😀 I heard the celebration at S’goon Gardens were pretty fun too, although the circle is much too small to fit the number of people who turned up.

So..guess I’d have to come up with some New Year resolutions as some new year’s obligation. Just that, there isn’t much to consider now that I won’t be studying until university term starts. I suppose I have to start somewhere..

1. I gotta work out consistently and keep to an appropriate amount of food D: I probably have gained weight from my trip to Bkk cuz I just kept eating.

2. I’ll work hard and earn lots of money to cover my expenditure! I’ll write good reports and be punctual!! Earn enough to sponsor my own HK trip substantially.

3. Practise the piano. Nuff said.

4. Gotta catch up with all the friends I haven’t seen in a million years, seriously.

5. Start getting involved in housework and cooking.

6. Get my driver’s license! *excited.

7. Do not do impulsive shopping aka spend wisely.

8. Tidy up my room!!! This should have been number 1.

9. Recycle, and protect the environment. I need to generate less rubbish and use less of whatever nonbiodegradable things, because I have been spamming them.


There. That’s done. Now all that’s left is to relate to you my wonderful holiday but I probably won’t do it now. Maybe later.

I’m so angry with the delivery service that’s still holding on to my package. It’s been three times already that my package was undelivered. Okay I admit the 1st time was my fault and that was stupid. If I were at home all these wouldn’t have happened. But the subsequent times were just absuuuuurd. There’s a reason why I paid more for registered mail :/ Actually I’m only upset because I have been looking forward to receiving my first ever online-shopped item and each time they disappoint me ): and it was meant as a christmas gift. And now that we’re heading into the 12th day of christmas, it’s a bit pointless…

And hopefully I’ll be starting work soon. I’m so scared, just signed up for some slots and hope I can get some this week. MC’s on an assignment today! Shall question her about it later hahaha. Actually there’s this really interesting offer of PT at some academy doing admin stuff, but not the photocopy-make-coffee-typing-all-day admin stuff. Just that it’s mon-fri, so it’ll clash with all my assignnments D:

Okay I shall find something to do now. I’m getting bored.


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