What’s it like to disappear like foam bubbles

I’m waiting for Secret Garden to load right now, and episode 17 does not disappoint 😀 It’s the best twist ever. I wasn’t expecting much from the plotline, since I mainly watched it for Hyunbin and Ha Jiwon, yesss they proved me wrong! I personally found the body-switching a little far-fetched but in any case they used it well. That’s what makes waiting for drama episodes to be subbed all the more fulfilling ㅋㅋㅋPlus the fact that we’re going for Korean classes now, *gleams. In between I’ve got ketchana appatal and jokwon gain wgm as fillers if I’m ever too free. (Y) I’m going on a rampageeee.

Right. Yesterday attended Jiawen’s birthday party, and got to catch up with Ethel! Haha the party was crazy but kinda awesome in a way, cuz it was a new experience. Thank goodness I have Ethel or I wouldn’t know what to do. Btw pear vodka tastes interesting.

This morning met Yeeyin at Citylink starbucks boyyy was Citylink bleddy cold. Had sushi for lunch and then went back for more coffee lol then walked to Raffles city to eat BFF (like Best Fries Forever) I have to admit, it’s my first BFF, but it’s so good! The wazabi super shiok. Aight I make myself hungry in the middle of the night again~

I need to start work. Pls give me assignments pleeeasseeeee.


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