It takes time to heal wounds, but since all I’ve been thinking about was this, I neglected so many other things I have to do. I sort of took one week off all these matters and let myself slack, but then from next week I’m gonna be pretty busy. And falling sick just makes me feel more tired and not wanting to do anything else.

The uni brochures have been filing in and scholarship application dates are piling, but I really don’t feel like doing anything about it :/ Right now I don’t have proper alternatives and I’m feeling at a lost, more than I thought I would be. Perhaps we should wait till D-day to find out, and it’s not gonna be long before then. I always try to comfort myself and tell myself everyone else goes through this, and since everyone else can do it, so can I. But right now I feel like I’m lacking in drive and that everyone else seems to be overtaking me.

I threw out a lot of things while clearing my desk just now but it doesn’t look any better D: I’ve been amassing even more things since A’s ended. And I miss my friends…where are all of you ): ):


(P/s. do people really mean the things that they repost or do they merely agree with what it says?)


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