Everybody’s fretting over the same old things prospective undergrads fret about, even people who are not supposed to have anything to fret about find new things to fret about. Tough times call for resolution and decisiveness.

[I’m in a state whereby I can excuse myself for a few days or so, even though I really hate the idea. All the vomitting and diarhoea has gotten to me, this gastric flu is no joke. So I’m like bedridden and my diet is confined to porridge and more porridge. I’m craving for chili right now D:]

Like everybody else, I’m hoping I’ll be able to choose the right path, or that I have enough courage to choose what I want to go ahead with it and persist. On the other hand, there really is a fine line between being realistic and ambitious.

I didn’t do enough research and studying on my part to see if I’ll make the cut, so all these while the things I’ve been telling people are just casual ideas, almost for the fun of it. But I don’t like myself doing that, and I don’t see the point either. I’ll have to explain to them all over, “Why this? I thought that??” Dealing with that has been the most frustrating affair. I’m still trying to figure myself out, still trying to explore my options. I really need some space, D: See I told you, we’d find something to worry about even if we didn’t have…That’s life for you.

:O Envt studies only taking in 50 undergrads for their pioneer batch..

I’d better get down to the apps or I’ll never get them done.



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