In one of those pensive moods again.

But really glad to see Ivy today! After soooo long, we finally got to catch up. And it felt nice to be speaking comfortably about everything and anything šŸ˜€ Tan joined us midway, and we walked around Suntec and talked for a bit.

Ah well, things changed, quite a bit. Can’t make out what to expect in future but in any case, change is the only constant. Such a beautiful oxymoronic statement that feels so real to me right now. Feel like talking to some people but holding back for some personal reason or other, and here I am thinking about how I will regret if I don’t do it right now :/

I need to do something therapeutic tomorrow, like knead pizza dough or hit the malls, AND get a hair cut. Sigh. There’s only me and the sister home tomorrow and IĀ just happenedĀ to offend her this morning, let’s just hope she’s not pms-ing or anything. Oh yeah, and write my report. ZZzzz. (These days I realise I have started to develop occupational hazards, like when I hear ‘House of cards’ in Taylor’s Sparks Fly)…let’s just stop here.

Good night.


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