Just felt a strong urge to say something about thursday. Being an alumni, there’s somehow the feeling of being distanced away from the camaraderie and experiences of school life. But as I stepped into the stadium that day, the school spirit sort of rekindled within me because the energy from my surroundings was so overpowering, and it starts to feel like the good old days. I’ve experienced being lost before, grappling with all sorts of nitty-gritty issues that plagued me in school, then there came an uplifting period, where I started to feel I belong. Just when I got used to that and all the other routine stuff, we graduate. Too quickly.

I look at my juniors, listen to what they say, and read what they write, and I just feel so glad that they’re taking in all this better than how I used to, appreciating and being grateful for all that they have received. I miss all that.

Even as I saw how our opponent emerged victorious, that definitive moment caused me to feel like I’m part of the team again. I wouldn’t describe it as being sour about losing but I could feel the disappointment surging through my mind, collectively, because I knew how hard they worked to get to where they were and how much they have sacrificed. And just like they proclaimed, they have won something invaluable, beyond the championship trophy, beyond the challenge trophy, that has affirmed their team spirit.

Although I feel like a stranger to many of them right now, I know that I have once been part of an amazing team.


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