Feels like I haven’t posted in a while. And wordpress has changed its menu bar! Looks a bit more squished but it’s now more userfriendly πŸ˜€

Just returned from a late night movie with Trina at Nex. We caught Fast Five, really good one (Y) Lots of cars – luxury and police cars alike – got crushed into a mangled mass. Exciting to watch but ouch, isn’t that a bit too wasteful? You could donate all of these to the needy and help a million of them. The amount of money pumped into two hours of entertainment isn’t exactly very justified, in my opinion.

Have been busying myself with a lot of things, now that we’re drawing nearer to the start of University. I don’t know if I should sign up for the camps already. Am going to post my Form P tomorrow.

1. I’ve been trying to self study Korean ever since Ji Ae left but it hasn’t been very fruitful, my progress has been in dribs and drabs. Attempting to compile my notes into a notebook at the moment, and it ain’t very organised.

2. And I’ve thrown myself in for round 2 of trying-to-pass-my-grade-8-piano, coupled with a bit of grade 7 theory. Desperate for it to go well, I have to admit, I have wasted too much time.

3. Then there’s my library books lying on the table waiting for me to finish/start reading them before the due date’s up. I have extended the due date for Creation, but I only succeeded in apprehending a few more pages.

4. Cooked up some recipes from the 4-ingredient cookbook I borrowed. Was good πŸ˜€ Wanting to try more but never got down to it! Earlier (saturday), after the BES tea reception, I travelled all the way to Clare’s place and the three of us (Clare, Erica, me) tried to cook up something special. I had fun chopping mushrooms and shaping salmon patties, and the end result didn’t look very appealing but tasted pretty awesome for a first attempt!

5. Been watching too much dramas, especially those with Ji Hyun Woo in it. Tracing back to all his previous works. It all began with The Birth of the Rich Man, when they started screening it for the second time on 855 during the early morning slot. Caught it on repeat and decided I couldn’t get enough of Ji Hyun Woo and his cute grin so I sped up the process by (patiently) downloading episodes from kpopella and subs from withs2, and walah! Watch them on VLC. This is the first time I downloaded the subs separately, or downloaded whole episodes for a matter of fact. They were really enjoyable to watch because it’s HD and it couldn’t lag the way it would if you watched it on tudou. No amount of internet traffic could interrupt you, unless your desktop has problems itself. Then I just finished Invincible Lee Pyung Kang not long ago. Love Nam Sang Mi, she’s too cute, especially during the short segments on their past lives in the Joseon Era. A haggard looking Ji Hyun Woo with gravity-defying hairstyles doesn’t really appeal to me but kudos to him for graciously portraying such roles (even in his other drama, Meri) Am now in the midst of Over the Rainbow, and have taken a particular liking to Seo Ji Hye’s persona in the drama. Can’t wait till Ji Hyun Woo’s (aka Hyeok Joo) realisation that Kim Ok Bin (aka Hee Soo) doesn’t suit him, but is better suited to a pubescent-looking Hwan Hee, so that he can quickly set his eyes on Seo Ji Hye (aka Ma Sang Mi) who makes him comfort food like Kimbap without the yellow radish. Hwan Hee looks surprisingly unattractive here as compared to his clean look now, probably because I can’t identify with the trends back then (in 2006!!!), he has this extension of hair sticking out which is so revolting! lol. And I just remembered, this morning I finished the whole Old Miss Diary – The Movie. It’s not Ji Hyun Woo’s best but I kinda like the little comical parts with desperate halmeoni’s and a clumsy Ye Ji Won. He seemed a bit stiff then, but it was probably because of the character he had to portray – one who is unable to express himself and open his heart to others. So when Ye Ji Won managed to touch him, he had to reveal his inner insecurities in a unnatural manner. I can’t really tell whether it’s good acting or a bit of a fluke. But anyhows, everything with Ji Hyun Woo has to be awesome. He doesn’t look very well-received as he was a few years back, when he was more actively involved with The Nuts. Nobody seems to know him these days, nobody to share my eyecandy with 😦 He’s not exactly the most handsome dude out there, but he gives off a very comfortable vibe, just like he said in an interview. Everybody who knows Ji Hyun Woo loves his cute smile which bares his slightly crooked teeth. Okay I realise point number 5 is too long. I shall end here for today.



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