Just had my fourth driving lesson today. Went out on the roads again. I was originally quite confident that I’d be fine today since going out on the previous lesson was manageable. But while changing lanes today, I made the same mistake and jerked towards the original lane I was on and the vehicle behind honked at me ): I have this tendency to swerve and jerk the steering wheel sharply when I change lanes, instead of moving in diagonally and gradually. That affected me quite a bit and my sweaty palms were so annoying. The instructor cleared me for braking but right after he did that, I jammed the brakes lol just so I could give way to the car from one of the turning lanes. Man, driving lessons are the most stressful two hours of the day. I get so exhausted and tense and it doesn’t help that I get absentminded at times or my hand eye feet coordination isn’t exactly very good. And I forget all my theory when I’m driving, so occasionally I’d forget to stop at the stop line or I will stop when the traffic light shows green or forget to check my mirrors. I met with my first irritating pedestrian today who dashed out onto the road on my right after my left was clear of pedestrians and I was about to move out and turn when I’m supposed to have the right of way (technically speaking) the instructor asked me to guess which country that woman was from lol.

Hopefully I can get a better grip on myself soon, and better control of the car or my life is at risk :/ I have this sneaky feeling I’m not going to be able to pass on the first try because I keep forgetting things. I want to try and finish this before the end of this year. Crossing my fingers!


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