Omg I’ve been soo obsessed with (LEE) Changmin these days, and 2AM. I listen to them everyday, no joke, to and fro driving school, at the library, on the comp. So far my longest surviving idols~ Their voices are so good, and there’s so much emotion you feel as if they’re serenading exclusively to you (kekeke). That’s ballad singers for you. I feel like forcing people who don’t know them to listen to them so that they understand my sentiments.

Been driving a lot lately. Desperately trying to clear my subjects and book the test before I get busy with uni. That said, I’m really crossing my fingers, hope I’ll pass the first round. Yes I’m driving auto, yes there’s no clutch pedal to bother me, but there are so many darn things that’ll give me 10 demerit points in the blink of an eye, I don’t feel confident at all :/Today I hit the rear curb for parallel parking! Hate parking, and S-courses, and ramps. Gosh, everything requires memory of some particular point to align your car to (like 3/4 of that bloody small logo at the corner of the passenger seat window), and I’m sure I can remember all of these when the time comes -.- That’s not called active learning, that’s like memory work, which will not be the least bit helpful when I’m out there in the real, unrelenting roads. Plus they gave me the old car with the wide turning angles today, not good not good. Dk how I’m gonna swing in with the new car later.

I’ve only a month of holidays left, hoping to make best use of it! Going to Penang with Ethel this friday sooooo excited! Speaking of which, we both went back to school to collect A Level certs and it didn’t occur to us that the SAC won’t be opened on Youth Day, neither would Manna ): But we sat at our favourite study spot (the white tables and chairs have sadly been replaced by hadley hullet benches) to discuss our itinerary for the trip. Grabbed some food from 7-11 and Ethel ate Dayplus. Miss school so dearly ;(

Anyways, gonna finish watching ep. 7 of City Hunter before sleeping. More parallel parking tmr :<



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