Yet another day passed…

In a horrible mood today, idk why. Been highly irritable and explosive since this afternoon and snapped at people :/ This is not good. Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of bed today. And I’m starting to get worried about lots of stuff while we’re drawing nearer to the start of school. Just the other night I didn’t sleep well, my whole mind was frazzled with thoughts, I can’t remember what it was vividly, but I felt so lost when I woke up. It’s as if I had to do a lot of things but can’t remember what they were.

On the bright side, guess I can take another four days off life in Singapore and forget about certain things for a while. Not that I’m gonna emo or anything, just gonna spend some quality time with dear Ethel haha ❤

And my granny got discharged! Hehe her spirits totally lifted after reaching home and she can quarrel now. Just two days back at the hospital she hardly said anything. Some sun and the feeling of being at home really did her some good.

Just watched Love Keeps Going, Mike He’s bantering with Cyndi Wang made me smile, need to watch ep 6 nowww.


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