Sunday’s To-do List #001

Had a pretty good week so far. Ate so much good food I think I really need to start working out soon. Just last friday, Ashmina, Emmy and I trained down on the circle line to Holland Veeeellage for Dailyscoop! I always have so much fun crapping with them ❤ Then Ashmina and I went to have dinner at Cha cha cha Mexican Restaurant! Reminded me of our econs lesson with Jeanne Lim about Mexican food hehe. The food was awesome and we actually finished off a plate of nachos and a set of tacos each! And we talked about things like Rufus the naked mole rat. Yesterday went to Va va voom (I just realised this trend in restaurant names…) Vietnamese cuisine with the clique minus Claire ): Food was quite okay, I tried the authentic pork chop but should have ordered the Pho instead. Then we went to Nex to catch One Day! Such a pretty movie with pretty pretty settings 🙂 Gotta love Anne Hathaway.

Anyway I came here to make a list of what I should finish today. I’d better be productive before the Manchester derby later tonight!!!

1) Finish outline for 1101 Essay

2) Finish up 1101 Field Trip Report

3) ESE Tutorial 8

4) 1202 Video Animation

5) ESE Project on Google Docs

Eating Udders Snickers Mars Honey Comb Vanilla now! HAVE TO CUT DOWN ON ICE CREAM AND BUBBLE TEA OMG.



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