It’s a rainy lunar new year’s eve. Yes, another day, another chance to reflect and wish for a better year. 

Did some spring cleaning of my own last night, and just now. Felt like I haven’t cleaned things in a long while and ended up throwing lots of things. I guess this happens every year, and just shows how we start to value some things less and others, more. And while I throw away all these inanimate objects, similarly, some people have also come into my life and others, sort of just gradually disappear. Memories too. I have kept some for too long, longer than I should have, because some of them ought to be thrown away but I could never bear to let go. Perhaps now is the time.

A few days ago I read something that hit me. And it proved to be true – you can’t possibly make friends with everybody. You’ll die trying. I guess wanting to be nice and making friends with everybody are two different things altogether. Maybe it’s because inside me, I’m hoping that everyone’ll be nice to me so I try to be nice to everyone, and I end up trying too hard. Then I’ll end up neglecting the true friends around me. I’m sort of feeling left out now because sometimes I don’t get invites, or that I’m not told about something. Either that or I’m just being sensitive, and to some extent, possessive. Then again, I don’t wanna be the clingy type, so I never ask and I just stay away for some time. But I’m just afraid that the more I stay away the worse things get. And I don’t want that to happen to every group of friends that I have ):

‘ve got to stop thinking so much. And really clear out my mind for the new year. And resolve to never eat shark’s fin again.

Happy Lunar New Year everybody.


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