Aufwiedersehen, aussparung Woche.

Went crazy last night trying to deal with a sudden bout of insomnia. I started drawing up an ideal menu I’d like to cook one day. Don’t know why ideas just started pouring into my mind when I was trying desperately to fall asleep and it was so active I kept churning out weird dishes combining all sorts of ingredients. No, this was not a dream. I’ll probably keep it for the summer holidays and try to prepare them somehow. 

My productivity for the recess week follows a falling exponential curve. On monday I was like a train chugging the whole way through nonstop, on tuesday I started at 12nn, wednesday 2pm, then on thursday I was reading notes while having lunch and friday I only sat down at starbucks at around 3pm after returning from lunch at stnicks with Daphne. And so much for trying to do math till late last night. It’s probably because of math that my mind became too active just before sleep :/

It’d been a pretty fruitful week though I must say. But it’s now time to prep myself up for the impending week. Gonna be a tough one. 


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