I just got reminded today that I have a blog to maintain, and a travelogue as well. Cuz the girls were talking about blogs over dinner. I’m getting so lazy to write that my posts are dwindling to nothing as the months go by. Maybe just too much has been happening in my life that I can’t be bothered to pen it down here, and just let these events pass me by. OR SIMPLY, THE FACT THAT I’M GETTING SO DAMN LAZY. Holidays bring out the worst in me.

Let’s just retrace my steps from thursday.

Thursday evening,

was Claire’s 20th. Trust me, twas a very rushed affair, because I only returned on tuesday morning and was prepared to help with the decor only on wednesday. Claire was totally freaking out over the span of 3 days because she was so concerned about the Scottish dudes and was prepared to banish her entourage to a ‘corner’ of the party. Okay just kidding. The preparation was fun I must say, twisted up some streamers at the last minute and xuan was tying the ribbons and wine tags to the plastic champagne glasses. I have to say, I was expecting a whole group of people that I had the mentality I was preparing for a 21st birthday party, so I went all out on the wine tags which was customisable with some space to write your name in case the glasses got mixed up (She loved it) and a nice sign for the door, as well as some manila envelopes and paper for people to write her a birthday letter. Guess what, the function room was a total letdown, it looked like some Kindergarten classroom, the chairs a myriad of Kindergarten colours, the tables polygonal-shaped, while the empty wall was scarred by double sided-taps all over from previous parties. Then afterwards, ‘decor’ became ‘damage control’. So we scurried around trying to minimize the monstrosity of it all. Thank goodness it looked decent enough by the time the first guests arrived, roses, golden crepe paper and all. Yes, damage control. Everything went fine till the angmohs made their grand entrance and everyone (or maybe its just everyone at my table) just shut up to look at them. (AWKWARD MUCH) I was expecting (Claire’s definition of) ‘cute’ to be 1D kind of cute but they turned out to be imposing angmohs who played rugby and looked like they were well over their thirties. I’m sorry I have nothing against them it’s just….shall we just call this a culture shock? On another note, I was kinda disappointed that the volume of guests were so lacking that my ‘write a letter’ event was an utter failure and nobody wrote their names on the wine tags ‘cept for Bel and Zachary, who so graciously did so because I asked them to ._. Guess her other friends are not the kind who would do such things. I mean all they probably want to do is chill out at a bar and party, and even to me now, whatever we did seemed way too tame. Well we did have booze, if you’d consider Carlsberg enough of a booze. Maybe somebody needs to bring me to a club so I can get used to this kinda stuff. I’m going to Ireland in six months and I don’t know if I can handle it. But someone did tell me Uni Cork’s a bit of a quiet place, so that’s good. I’d have to travel all the way to the city to club if I ever wanted to. So it ended quite lamely with the security guard chasing out of the room by 10pm. Despite all that went awry I had a great time catching up with my dear friends and it felt awesome to be an important part of my bestie’s birthday.


Friday  Wednesday evening, (My mistake. Thanks Jess for pointing out. I’m getting old)

met up with Jess to see Renee about SEP and module-mapping, which was driving us crazy. Hope it’s just a passing phase, I mean, I can’t be worrying about this for the next few months, I still have a semester to pull through and I definitely have to do better than the last. Renee was so nice about everything, she even prepared this whole folder of information in case we needed anything and I felt sorry about going empty-handed other than a few questions. So we cleared up quite a bit of air, and I felt pretty relieved we have this awesome admin who does so much for us. Things will be alright 🙂 Jess and I had dinner at the Italian restaurant at Utown, like the only place in Utown atas enough to serve booze lol so it’s where all the angmohs flock to in the evening. Had pesto pasta but was just so-so. Nice seeing Jess after a while, with her gladly updating me on what happened during pre-camp. Felt I missed out on a lot, but oh wells, there’s always camp to look forward to! Camp makes me feel nostalgic, SOW and all. Can’t believe almost a year has passed. And a year ago I was worrying about having to fit in, make friends and everything.

Saturday morning,

Woke up early for the SGF. Didn’t know what to expect because before this I’ve never really heard of SGF before, and apparently it’s an annual event. Met the girls, changed into this bright red oversized polo and proceeded to the sixth floor where we got our volunteer passes. Boy was the sixth floor pretty, anybody who’s been there will agree with me. Dimmed lights, draping air plants and soothing music made me feel like I was in a Midsummer Night’s Dream theatrical set. Unfortunately we were somehow demoted to the fourth floor’s festival shop, kiddy and carnival-themed. I think it was because it’s the first day so everything was quite disorganised, and the organisers were frantically running around trying to get everything ready even after visitors started pouring in at about 10am. We were just floating about aimlessly, not knowing what to do. But I must say I learnt quite a bit about the plants, especially those Jess and I were hovering around all day. I found it quite amusing how almost everybody mistook Creeping Charlie for mint, including me. And how Jess was actually so learned about plants, since gardening is her unofficial hobby. At least I didn’t feel so useless by the end of the day when I could answer some questions decently, thanks to Jess and some experienced customers hehe. My parents dropped by at about 4. I thought they’d be interested so I told them to come visit (the plants, not me). They liked it! Especially the balcony section on the sixth floor.

After our shift ended we went to Ah Loy Thai for dinner! Food was good, as usual. But there was no but(t)er calamari, HOW CAN THERE BE NO BUT(T)ER CALAMARI, that’s like the highlight of ALT. Then, as always, we hopped over to Tom’s palette for some ice cream. And for some unknown reason I felt queasy I couldn’t finish my ice cream. I always finish ice cream ): Especially since I had such nice flavours. And we were laughing away as usual, love how we always laugh about silly things together. I left early so I could send my dad off. I hardly saw my dad this entire week ): Either he was out or I’m out. Shall spend more time with him after he gets back.

I shall begin on my travelogue soon, and probably upload the pictures from the trip.


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