Seconds tick by

I feel like I’m wasting my life away, and today is one fine example of how I conveniently plop myself in front of the comp and watch dramas/sitcom/running man/whatever I can find. (I watched the episode with ParkJiSung today! He’s such a joker + cute asian slit eyes lolol)

SO, I dug out my haaaandy-daaandy scheduler to organise my holiday life a little bit more, and realised I have actually quite a bit of things to do but never really got down to them. I feel a bit better penning everything down, like hugely relieved actually. Because if I never did that, I’d probably be in a mess for the next few weeks – totally unprepared for school.

I was so excited to use my NYC Ballet Petites I got yesterday from Metro. The little bottles were cute, no doubt, but so were the brushes.

I had to paint a few coats of Don’t Touch My Tutu (glossy, pearl-like colour) for it to look decent but it still doesn’t look very nice. Not the kind that I’ll look at every few minutes when I’m bored. Sorry I have my bimbotic moments too. I’ll probably try Care to Danse? in a few days, it’s this pleasant shade lavender. Though I’m wondering why there’s no pink in a ballet-themed series.

Going for a swim at Claire’s place tomorrow. I’m so glad I’m finally going to leave my seat. -excites-


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