Okay great, so I didn’t go swimming this morning after all. I’m a horrible person ): It was 9am but my eyes wouldn’t open, but I forced it open so I could read my notifications on my phone after stumbling to my desk and pulling it from the charger. I stumbled back to bed, texted Claire that I just woke up, snoozed for damn long and waited for her reply. Until the last snooze was over and I didn’t know, so I slept till 10.30, after which I called Claire and just mumbled some shit to tell her I just got up. Whatever. The point is, I overslept. For some reason I felt so drowsy I’m wondering if I still haven’t gotten over my jetlag.

Friday morning, I promise. Friday. Although I’m not sure if Claire can ): -knocks fist on head-

I shall go to bed now. Have stuff on almost every night.


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