[Spoiler Alert] The Dark Knight Rises

Anyone can be a hero, even doing a little thing like putting a coat over a kid’s shoulders and telling him everything is alright.

Oh gosh. I’m here to rave about The Dark Knight Rises, as much as I have to type precariously because I just did my nails. I can’t even begin to explain how good it is. The whole thing is just amazing, I can’t single out any particular reason for it being so good. This has got to be The blockbuster of the year.  My advice: WATCH IT NOW. Plus you’ve got legendary composer Hans Zimmer (composed my ever favourite POTC soundtrack) creating such a vivid sonic environment, nothing can possibly go wrong. Aside from the fact that Bruce actually made love to that evil witch Miranda. Damn, screenwriters need to do some major reflection. Oh did I mention, love that Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were casted. Hathaway was so impressive, totally kick-ass.

Supposed to watch it with the girls again on tuesday. Not into watching movies at the cinemas more than once but I guess for a movie this good, anything goes :>

Hung out with Claire and Nei on friday. Met Claire for our usual macs brekkie, I had cinnamon melts and a nice cuppa latte from McCafe because I had fastfood like three days in a row. Then went over to her place to play badminton. My forearm is still sore from it, like my hand trembled while I was trying to paint a coat of glitter over my nails. Thought my forearm would have gotten stronger after coach changed my playing style. I probably overworked a different muscle or something, a lesser used one. Nei came and played the guitar while we tanned and took a dip in the pool. The weather was wonderful – sun was out, there was breeze and the pool area was quiet on a weekday.

Had prog comm meeting yesterday, did some logistics and discussed some details. Camp is so soon! That means Krabi trip is drawing nearer too! (YES I’M GOING TO KRABI) I have a pre-camp phobia, it’s always like this. I don’t look forward to camp until it begins. And that means I only have one day of rest before I fly off. Furthermore, being part of the comms, there’s so much to bring and do, I’m kind of apprehensive about how it’ll go. I still think I’m inadequate as a stationmaster, but whatever, we’ll see. I’m sure we’ll have fun 🙂 Loads of it. Really need to start packing for both though, or I’m definitely going to forget something.

Had dinner at a place called Charcoal Thai somewhere in Kovan. It was situated in a place chock full of people looking for good food. According to my dad, the Hokkien Mee and Oyster Omelette around there is good. Charcoal Thai was probably better known for steamboat/bbq, because the tables around us were all bbqing away. The elevated centre of the pot served to bbq the food while the broth surrounded it like a moat, where people could cook the food in. But we weren’t up for it so we decided to go ala carte. The tom yam soup had oomph, and so did the butter and salted egg calamari! (Not the deep fried kind). The rest were average and my thai milk tea, diluted ):

Went home and met Shimin on L4D2. I know, I know, again. I’ve been playing so much I dreamt of it. We’re halfway through the list of campaigns, and we went crazy shooting each other/the other survivors till we all died…in the safehouse. That reminds me of a quote from the youtube video “Funny Moments of getting owned in L4D2”.

The safe house is no longer safe. Now it’s just a house…



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