Be somebody

Still trying to figure things out. Hard for me to write a post because my mind’s a mess but I’ll do so anyway. I don’t know when I’m going to stop feeling sorry about myself and get on with life. Emo moments are so uncalled for right now. I need to 振作 for school, for more important things like Personal Statement CA and like, pingpong, y’know?

Today’s training went quite well, although we had an odd number and as usual I kept feeling out of place. There were the 配练s there today so I guess I could pretty much train at ease without having to worry about holding back somebody from training to their full potential. I was more confident about my services today because people seemed to be able to receive it according to how I thought I served it, so there’s one point of improvement!!!!!!!!!!!! But coach seemed to be giving me easier 多球s than the rest, he needs to upgrade me soon ): EASIER SAID THAN DONE BUT I’LL PERSIST. Till Sunig at least, since I’ll be leaving for SEP next semester already. B-)

Lunched with a few teammates at Hwang’s. Oh I missed Hwang’s! But they didn’t serve cold noodles today, how disappointing.

Okay I’m a bit tired today for some reason. Probably because I woke up early. I shall attempt to complete the personal statement and SCHLEEP.


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