“I Need Romance 2012”

I finished watching my favourite drama of this year, yesterday. I loved the ending, really :’) I’m so glad it ended well and not crappy like in Big. Big’s ending was a total letdown. The protagonists seemed to be doing the same few things every episode towards the end, separating, reuniting, separating and reuniting again. Then after the 1 year time lapse NOTHING HAPPENED OKAY. They just relived the bus scene and the umbrella swap (yes there was a little bit of a closure) but Kyungjoon still stayed in Yoonjae’s body and God knows what happened in Germany and Yoonjae’s poor soul which was caught in a limbo between life and death. There were too many superfluous symbolisms in the show which put me off and there wasn’t an answer to the questionable, ‘magical’ painting of angels which acted as the agent for the body switch.

INR2012 took a cliché storyline and packaged it in a stylish, yet realistic manner that made me love watching every episode. Somehow the pace of the drama was comfortable such that any cliffhanger at the end of the episode wouldn’t make me impatient for the next, but it sort of got me started on trying to imagine what will happen, and I watch it the next week, hoping the plot will pan out as how I wished but at the same time with elements that will surprise me :’) I loved how sometimes Yeolmae would be caught in a dilemma and an imaginary scene follows as if it was real (which startles me sometimes, like “are you serious??”) and it rewinds back to her deliberating stance -Gives sigh of relief- Especially in the last episode when they showed her going back into LP guy’s embrace! I was so horrified for a moment but we all know that wouldn’t be the case 😉 I also loved how Yeolmae and Sukhyun shared such an intimate relationship, more so than any other regular couple because they had been there for each other since they were kids, and more or less they meant everything to each other. It wasn’t a fairytale childhood (that most other dramas portray) but because Yeolmae lost her parents, all she had was Sukhyun and his younger sister, they were like family to her. The concept of the conjoined house also fitted well with the situation, they could never live apart of each other, even when Sukhyun moved out for a year but was eventually drawn back and bound to his fate with Yeolmae. I teared when he broke down upon seeing Yeolmae, half-heartedly wishing it was his imagination (but he probably knew it wasn’t) and he couldn’t face her but instead started bawling to his puppy – a companion for a year while he was away – which he named Yeolmae. He finally broke down, I’m so glad the screenwriters make him break down because all these while he had been bottling it up, trying to act like he had his life in control and that he was doing the right thing by acting nonchalant and cool. So he’s human after all.

Yeolmae’s confusion and love for two men isn’t one to scorn at because that could happen to anybody in real life. No one has ultimate control over their emotions when it comes to love and relationships. At the very least she was honest. That trait of hers is really the epitome of a double-edged sword. She could win others over with her honesty and yet be bogged down by it at times when she’s too honest with herself and towards Sukhyun. Flaws are part of being human and this was one of the key themes which the drama revolved around, and that’s what made it so realistic. (SEE HOW I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH)

And, the song choices in the entire drama was near perfect! Nope, no cheesy korean songs. They actually used Deng Lijun’s 月亮代表我的心 as a symbol of the relationship between Yeolmae and LP guy, because he has Deng Lijun’s LP (Y). AND Lasse Lindh’s “I could give you love (if you let me in)”

oh this ship is wrecked
the cliffs came so fast
I just closed my eyes but she closed your heart
I could give you love

This is what I call contemporary. Lovely soundtrack.

Alright, back to work 🙂


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