(Post partially written and left incomplete since 17 Sep. Have this really bad habit of leaving tons of drafts unpublished)

I see trees of green/
Red roses too/
I see them bloom/
For me and you/
and I think to myself/
What a wonderful world.

One of the songs we were singing at Mawai, in a dimly lit hut built of bamboo located within a lush tropical forest next to the Sedeli river. Night was falling, the air around started feeling cooler, frogs in the ponds started croaking (?), and the tiki torches along the stone pathways were lit up. Everything felt kind of surreal in that one short moment. We were singing about the world, the vast world we’re living on, while the forests around us were teeming with life. The world suddenly feels so foreign and I suddenly feel so miniscule.  That’s how it is, but we don’t feel it because we’re living in a suffocatingly small, technologically overwhelming sphere. It’s almost like there’s two parallel worlds, or maybe even more.

It’d been a good trip. I could totally get used to the calming and rejuvenating surroundings and comfortable pace of life there, if they would help improve the flushing systems. I’d go into hiding there and be a literal tree hugger, living in harmony with the mozzies, flies, and whatever you can find. Life back in Singapore sucks big time, sometimes. #Firstworldpains.

:> today again. I need to step out of that zone. C’mon.


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