(Post partially written and left incomplete since 25 Aug)

They come and go. As I experience birthdays after birthdays, and enter the realm of the teenage years, then young adulthood, birthdays seem shorter than ever, and somehow they start to carry less meaning for me. Yeah it’s the day I was born exactly twenty years ago…so what about it? So I reflected on it and realised perhaps there’s something to birthdays which make people treasure it, and yet there are other reasons that make me think birthdays aren’t a big deal.

It used to be a huge affair. I mean, which child wouldn’t be thrilled at the thought of birthday parties, cakes and gifts! And long before the advent of facebook, we’d write our friends’ birthdays down on diaries or calendars. Honestly, facebook ruined this beautiful habit and made it nearly obsolete, save for a few sincere souls out there who actually bother (sad to say I’ve become one of those who don’t bother). I feel kinda fake, wishing people on facebook sometimes, and I don’t really think much of those people wishing me when I haven’t talked to them in a million years or in fact they’re just aquaintances. And then there are those whom you’ve met at school, do stuff together for a while, then after graduation/event there’s like zilch contact, what we normally know as Hi-bye friends. Sometimes I really wished they’d remain my friends but these days I’m just too lazy to proactively keep in contact. What’s wrong with the world these days. Social networking has destroyed relationships ):

But then again, birthdays gather people together. It’s the perfect opportunity when the closest of friends and families come together to celebrate your existence. It’s like appreciation-for-someone day, being thankful they were born and came into your life. And I like receiving presents, honestly, heh.

So there, a new outlook on birthdays :> And some decades worth of birthdays more to go~


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