On the way back home

The past few days have seen so many revelations I really don’t know what to make of it. Some made my heart drop, some made my jaw drop, some were surprisingly relieving. I’d been stifling all these emotional responses in myself with a calm, collected expression, or with a contrived attempt to be spontaneous while trying to make sure I don’t give myself away. I think I need to put all these into place and allow my heart and mind to settle. I think work has been taking such a toll of my life that I haven’t been able to set everything in order. In short, I’m a mess inside. Guess I’ll leave this to post exams when I finally have the time to reflect.

On another note, I just had a wonderful dinner with an old friend and I’m so glad after all these years we can still talk so freely about anything under the sun even though we were hardly able to catch up since forever. I think it’s been more than 10 years? Friends like these are such a gem. ❤ In retrospect, I haven’t been the best friend to others. Sometimes I just so lazy that all I do is make empty promises or brush things aside, assuming that I’ll have all the time in the world to fulfill that. There is no ‘time in the world’. I need to work on being a better friend.

That, more so than any other damned assignment.


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