Can’t believe I ditched my blog for a good 6 months. How ironic. I was so determined to record every moment of my exchange in Cork but not one single post was written. Maybe I just got lazy, or maybe there’s just too much to say that I don’t really know how to put in words or maybe I was ocd-ing over not being able to write perfect posts complete with pretty edited pictures that I’d rather not write at all. Haha all these stupid excuses.

Now that I’m back and my fingers itching for a type, (oh and after getting so fascinated over french movie Populaire and speed-typewriting babe Mademoiselle Pamphyle) words just flow freely straight out from the brain onto the keyboard.

I feel pretty happy these days. Grateful that I’ve got this opportunity to see the world through another perspective with a different lifestyle, and for the time spent with family and friends. Two weeks ago when I’ve just returned, my grandma couldn’t utter a single word, her condition’s deteriorated over the months I was away. But just today she mustered all the energy in her and managed to make out a cheery “hello” in reply to mine despite her stammering :’) Although she mistook me for my aunt, I was just glad that she’s in pretty good spirits.

Maybe I will do retrospective posts. If I even get down to it. Haha.



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