I have no idea why but my mind likes to play tricks on me by making me dream about utterly ridiculous things and I’d wake up in the morning feeling like I’m caught in some limbo between reality and fantasy. It’s not like that feeling just dissipates after awhile, like after a while you get that it’s just a dream, but it lingers for the whole day?? That bothers me a lot >.>

Anyway, ‘ve been hanging out with my dear girl Claire for the past two weeks, a lot. Well I won’t get to see her at all once she goes back, and she might have to leave early. We still have so many places to go before she leaves!! Can’t believe we haven’t been to the Merry Men at all. Last wednesday night with the ladies was really fun, so many free drinks I swear, I could go on if not for my curfew. 

The past few weeks has been rather happening I must say, things I never knew I’d have the opportunity to do. The research on Apollonia has been amazing, it’s not everyday you get to touch such rare fossil specimens and work with them hands on.

Now all that’s left to do is enjoy the remaining of my summer and look forward to a whole new term.


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