Post training thoughts

教练昨天真的给高球!! all uni students already still get so excited. But never underestimate the satisfaction one gets out of channeling all the negative energy accumulated from the past week into forcefully whacking the shit out of it. Or imagine the face of someone who’s offended you on that ball lolol And 多球 just made me realize I’ve got an awkwardly flailing left arm that needs to be kept in control, and how majorly unfit I am because my reflex is just becoming slower than it already is.. and I just stare at the ball fly past me when it goes out of range. “跑!要跑!!!” Ya I also know but…my physical fitness limits the things I can do after months of not exercising regularly. It’s time to do something about it.

It was fun, after that long break, to see all my girls again, listen to all of them talk nonsense and do lame shit like making dice out of dented balls and plotting to bring it over to kl to gamble hurrr I love my team 🙂

Just the other day was talking to Ethel over Jai Thai lunch about how other people don’t understand how much it takes to get to where we are and the reason why we push ourselves beyond the limit, beyond basic requirements of keeping fit. Sometimes it’s not just about losing weight or toning up, neither is it about strengthening cardio or immunity so we wouldn’t fall sick, it’s mostly because we love what we’re doing and that push, that drive to become better at it keeps us going. Not understanding is one thing, like how I wouldn’t be able to understand what others go through, but passing ignorant or derogatory remarks is another. It’s like drills, in sports. Drills are absolutely one of the most important thing in foundational training, but I’ve heard someone ever comment they got bored after just one session of drills and why are they constantly doing it, or they leave halfway because it gets so mundane and routine that they needed something more exciting to occupy themselves with. Sure I may be expecting too much because after all, they’re just looking for recreation, but to be honest, enjoying the sport comes with improvement. Getting better at it could mean more fun and exciting games. It’s totally like scales in music, it’s so fucking boring (to me) but that’s the necessary foundation we all begin working on and only by mastering such techniques can you can enjoy playing proper pieces. In that same experience, there were others there to learn, in earnest..I personally find displaying such attitude in front of these people a little insensitive. Fine you don’t want to do it that’s your problem, but others want to. Appreciating that we all have our weaknesses is another trait we all ought to have; we’re all learning. I say this because as one of the weaker players I’ve received so much patience, help and guidance from others I believe it’s only right to return it. If your partner is weaker, hold back that sneer or harsh criticism, find constructive ones, don’t complain about boredom (this really deals a damaging blow to the other party’s self esteem) but find joy in helping them improve, even if it’s just a game out of fun. Trust me you’ll definitely get more out of it. I’ve been on both ends so I’ve seen enough to be able to say this. That satisfaction you get, no matter how little the improvement, is something I can’t really describe. But if one doesn’t give a damn, I’ll tell the person to go find somebody their own league seriously, hope you end up on the receiving end of help then you’ll be able to know how it feels like.

Sometimes people are too fixated on being the fastest – the faster the better. You do feel good when you’re fast but that’s not it. It’s more about control, knowing when to be fast and when to slow down, when to exert and when not to; it’s about persistence, lasting out longer, more so than speeding up until you burn out. And I’m learning, all the time. Easy to say but not easy to put to practice either. Have to admit I’m no pro but the life lessons sports bring is worth all the time and effort.

On another note, I’ve always looked up to Ethel as a role model ^^ how does one find that kind of discipline to gym and lift six days a week. She’s looking fantastic right now, that glow on her face. I’m really glad she chose to do what she loves and is no longer bothered by what others say of her. Other people just wouldn’t be able to understand, really, not even me. But I definitely stand on her side 🙂

You know, think I’ve beat the inertia to start writing again, and glad I did.


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