Stronger than before

Personal preference is soooo good, I have sunk into a state of obsessive drama disorder, from which I will consequently suffer a miserable hangover. Son Yejin is so cute and Lee Minho is honestly a really good actor, good looks aside (: he was so cute when he was trying to buy sanitary pads at a convenience store for Gae In under the gaze of three excited schoolgirls.

I really have got to exercise selfcontrol because this has been taking up my time oops.

Anywayyy dinner at seafood international was awesome much 😀 yay good dinners are a blessing.

Yesterday I went to help out the two
China girls at Yao jiao lian’s place haha they’re so cute but then srsly how am I spsd to answer questions on a simple pendulum when I’m intellectually challenged at physics and I ttly had to translate chinese history from english to Chinese for them. Jiao lian paid me a lot :/ so paiseh…and he gave me fruits and a bottle of water and even a nice chair to sit.on. Sigh wonder how he’s been doing and rly miss sntt ):

Okay Let’s now embrace the arrival of the June break!~


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